Privacy Policy

How Cents Obtains Access To Your Data

In order to gain access to your budgets and transactions data from the YNAB servers, Cents uses OAuth over a secure HTTPS connection in compliance with the YNAB API. The login page for YNAB will be presented to you within the app, where you can use your credentials to provide Cents access to your YNAB data. Cents then stores an access token locally on your device, which is only valid in combination with a key provided by YNAB that is unique to Cents. This unique key is stored on a private server and not accessible to anyone else.

How Your YNAB Data Is Handled

When loading up your budgets or transactions, Cents performs a secure HTTPS request using the access token collected when you logged into the YNAB website through our app. The YNAB API will then respond with the data requested. This data is not stored on your device, other than temporarily for the purpose of caching (as instructed by the YNAB team). This means that I don't personally have access to your data in any capacity, and the only person who can view your YNAB data is you.

Removing Your Data

When you log out of Cents through the settings, your access token, and any cached information, is immediately deleted from your device.


Cents does not perform any analytics on your personal data. If you have opted into sharing analytics, diagnostics, and usage information with Apple, they may collect data about your device. This does not enable Apple access to any of your YNAB data, and is simply used for diagnostics and performance. This can also be opted out of in the Settings app on your device.


I understand that protecting your YNAB data is extremely important. If you have any questions that weren't answered here, feel free to reach out to me at

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